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N E V E R   F O R G E T
A N D    A L W A Y S    K E E P   T H E   F A I T H .

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47/50 photos of Himchan

Zino, looking fine

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  • just because
  • i disagree with you
  • does not mean
  • i am not your friend

Junsu and fans on his angel pose [x]

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88 /  JaeJoong


I love early mornings when I wake up and I can’t see outside my living room windows because the fog is blocking the view, so beautiful.


i will literally reblog this every time i see it

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P.O is interested in the opposite sex these days. He says he can;t sleep at night anymore

P.O: I have a car. Please contact me. As long as you are good with chopsticks and are nice

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